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Duels Update!
Posted by NoboKik, 10 months ago

Added Custom Kits to Duels! Now you have whole creative menu for you to make any kit you want.
In Custom Kits, you will be able to choose 4 maps and 4 modifiers:

- Maps: Field, Plains, Jungle, Desert
- Modifiers: Shield Delay, Buffed Stun Knockback, Saturation, Regeneration
- Kits Limit: 3

Removed No Projectiles Axe and Tank Axe kits.
Added Bow-Only kit!

Semi-Anarchy SMP Event!
Posted by NoboKik, 11 months ago

Semi-Anarchy SMP is open!

Main SMP is now temporalily closed until February.
To replace it, we are opening a new SMP which was voted in polls.

Some information:
- 10000 x 10000 Border
- 100 Spawn Radius
- /tpa enabled
- /home and /sethome enabled
- /spawn enabled
- 1.19.2 Version

Join with: play.epicmc.wtf (1.16-1.19.2)

What is EpicMC?

EpicMC is a 1.16+ Minecraft Server with many gamemodes, from Semi-Vanilla Survival to 1.9+ PvP. Our Survival server runs on a world which is over 3 years, it is Semi-Vanilla, has no land claiming and runs with no lag on the latest version of Minecraft, 1.19. We have many PvP Gamemodes, such as Duels, Free For All with multiple kits and more!

How do I join?

It's simple! Just use one of our IP's: play.epicmc.wtf