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Autumn update!
Posted by NoboKik, 2 months ago

We've just released a new update which added New Lobby, Ice Tracks to the lobby, Elytra Race to the lobby and other features coming soon in Halloween Update, which will happen on October 1st. In the Halloween Update we will add new maps to our gamemodes and a small event.

NA Proxy is planned to be released in October if everything will go well.

Clans Update! + Leaderboards
Posted by NoboKik, 6 months ago

We have added clans to the network! All people who have Premium are now able to create clans. To view available commands, go to Hub and use /clan help. To create a clan you can use /clan create and use /clan invite to invite players!

We have also added new leaderboards for OP FFA, Axe FFA and Crystal FFA on the website.

What is EpicMC?

EpicMC is a 1.16+ Minecraft Server with many gamemodes, from Semi-Vanilla Survival to 1.9+ PvP. Our Survival server runs on a world which is over 3 years, it is Semi-Vanilla, has no land claiming and runs with no lag on the latest version of Minecraft, 1.19. We have many PvP Gamemodes, such as Duels, Free For All with multiple kits and more!

How do I join?

It's simple! Just use one of our IP's: (EU) play.epicmc.wtf or (NA) na.epicmc.wtf